What Are The Best Shoes For Babies And How To Buy?


Best shoes for babies are all about helping the little feet adapt their steps on the ground as they start to crawl and walk. So, it gives them protection against hard surfaces and enables the tiny feet to breathe and grow in a safe and comfy space.

But, selecting your toddler’s shoes tends to be a matter of concern, and with so many shoe brands, the parents are keen to know what the best shoes are for babies and how to buy them?

How To Choose The Best Quality Baby Shoes:

To help your baby move his feet naturally and freely, you surely need to look for the following qualities when buying baby shoes:

  • Flexible Anti-slip Sole: The soft baby feet will need proper balancing to stay on the ground. But even infant babies move their feet quite often.


So, to give those little feet free movement and help them feel the ground, the baby shoes must be light-weighted and flexible.   


Such flexible shoes fit true to size and are made from the materials such as Soft Rubber, Cotton, Soft Leather, and Spandex that support steady walking. With the best babies’ shoes, they can smoothly be lifting their feet.


  • Secure Buckle-up: To stop get off their shoes, you can go for the lace-up shoes that are long enough and are easy to double knot. Next, the hook and loop buckle strap will give a secure fastening along with easy handling.


For a quicker buckle-up, slip-on shoes are at their best and are cute and comfy for little feet. But ensure to buy slip-on shoes with socks on and fasten them. Also, there is some space for extra-inch socks.


So, all these closure types have a firm grasp and do not get off so smoothly except the slip-on shoes, as it is more suitable for the babies up to 18 months.



  •  Bends at Toe: Look for shoes that bend and are flexible at the toe. The best baby shoes are all about having breathing space and twists at the toe at an angle of 40 degrees. The non-skid shoes come with a sole that has traction and provides safety on slippery surfaces.


  • Supports padding: Take a look at the pads inside the babies’ shoes. They must be soft and firm on the back of the heels and around the ankles. So, the little feet must be free from the rubbing effect.



  • Fits true to size and shape: Your baby’s little chubby feet are often quite wide at the end of the toe. So, the best shoes for babies ensure having a fit in space and a half-inch room for their thumb (round toe shoes).


Also, do not go for too long shoes as babies have rapid body proportion growth.  So, take new measurements of the babies’ feet every 2-4 months. It is to ensure you buy shoes that have fit-in normal size and shape.


So, with the right size, shape, and quality, the best shoes for babies give secure fastening. It also provides comfort and flexibility that goes well in babies’ feet.

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